Area 51 Challenge Update #8 – Diary of a Wimpy Finish

Our youngest with the dessert table featuring last week's ornaments

As I’ve said before, I like to stick to the traditions at Christmas. Last night I had the traditional “Oh my goodness, I’ll never get it all done…WAHHHHHHH!” breakdown. If you’ve seen Julie and Julia, it was like the scene where she’s sobbing on the kitchen floor with the stuffed chicken except that there was no chicken and no actual tears. After I pulled myself together and assessed the finishes I need for Christmas, I made a plan. And a list, did I mention I like lists? Then, I sewed one last seam so I could actually have one finish for the week. And here it is, one small “run around” bag from Lazy Girl designs. Oh, and some ornaments, did I mention that in my craziness I decided to make an ornament a day for the advent wall hanging?

Here’s a quick picture of the bag and the ornaments…

The lonely bag...a small finish, but a finish!

Ornaments on the tree...can you spot the will I fit 25?

I must say, though, that armed with my new plan and my list, I’ve already cranked out one finish for next week and I’m excited about what I’ll have to show you. Oh, and I decided that I’m going to beg my family to let me draw my names in January this year…maybe then I’ll make the December 1st deadline. (Ok, I know you’re laughing but really, one can hope, right?)
Happy quilting everybody!

Week 8 finishes 13

2 responses to “Area 51 Challenge Update #8 – Diary of a Wimpy Finish

  1. I love the picture of Jelly and your table. I want the fabric you used for the bag. Dragonflies, you know. I took the liberty of letting two friends, one old and one new, know about your blog and I’m watching Julie & Julia while I’m processing documents at work. This is my fourth viewing. Yoiks and bon appetit.

  2. Beth, you’re actually shorting yourself credit for a finish — your week 6 update added one to the previous week’s 10, and came up with 10. So you’re really at 14 finishes in 8 weeks!

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