Area 51 Challenge Update #7 – Trimming the Table

Paper Pieced Ornaments

It’s coming, it’s coming! That’s right, Christmas is just around the corner and, before that, comes December 1st which has been my goal date for years. December 1st is the mythical date I plan to have all of my shopping done and projects finished. I’m a great believer in tradition, however, and this year I’m upholding the tradition of missing my deadline! Thanks to my challenge, I’m a little further ahead than usual and way ahead of last year! My first finish this week is this little set of paper-pieced Christmas ornaments. These little guys will help decorate my table at the Women’s Christmas Dessert at my church Thursday night. I have several mother/daughter groups at my table so I thought an alternating arrangement would be nice. (My youngest has already laid claim to a house ornament.) The ornament pattern was free on the Carol Doak Quilting Group on Yahoo. If you are a paper piecer at all, or you want to be, this is a great group! Carol does some fun challenges and free patterns. Last year, Carol provided a paper-pieced block of the month with a different landscape each month. (I’ve printed out the first four and made myself a promise that I’ll piece them before printing more.) If you’re interested, stop by and join our group…we need just a few more to get the next “group membership” block posted. Here’s a close-up of one of the ornaments.

Close up of house ornament

My other finish this week is MQ2.  I can’t say much about this one for fear that the recipient will read this, so check back on the 26th and all the MQ’s will be posted.  For now, here’s a teaser picture.


So, does anyone else feel like a greyhound awaiting the sound of the bell?  Tomorrow is the first and I’ll be off and running.  This week has the Christmas Dessert (for which I pack up my Spode and decorate a table and bake a gluten-free dessert), a dinner party for my husband’s birthday,  a dear friend’s annual tea, a basketball game with my husband and, an extra measure of joy in my life, my brother’s arrival!  So, since the week is only getting busier by the minute, I’m headed up to the sewing room to make some progress on the next finish!    

Week 7   Finishes 12

5 responses to “Area 51 Challenge Update #7 – Trimming the Table

  1. I so enjoyed reading your blog. It was interesting and the fact it was from Oregon made it “doubly” fun. I taught at the U of O School of Nursing and my boss lived in Lake Oswego. Is it Portland featured on the Home Page? Thanks again for a fund time.

    • No, actually that’s a pre-fab photo from wordpress and I’m trying to find a personal photo to fit! Are you watching the Civil War tomorrow night…even I’m excited that either way there will be an Oregon team in the Rose Bowl this year. One of my favorite quilt shops is in LO, the Pine Needle…did you ever go there?

  2. Beth, you are doing so well !!!
    The MQ looks like it is a big quilt, looking forward to seeing the face of it.

    Will try to locate the Carol Doak group, I visit occasionally, she often has a mystery block to paper piece, great fun!
    Sandy in South Australia

  3. Sandy, did you manage to locate the group? We just got our 5,500 member block and it looks like fun! And, is this our Sandy from Flylady quilters?

  4. the home made presents are what intrigue most :0 thanks for keeping in touch on my blog as well-


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