Area 51 Challenge Update #6 – Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights

Whew! Another finish sliding into home just under the catcher’s mitt! This week’s finish is “Christmas Lights.”

A few years ago, a very dear friend called and asked me for a raffle quilt for the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Auxiliary. This group puts on a wonderful array of special events for children with disabilities. Of course I said yes. (Now, I do have a speech impediment that causes my “no” to come out as “yes” often but this wasn’t one of those yeses.) The next year I was super busy so I enlisted the aid of my quilt group and several of us made blocks, Carolyn put it together and I quilted and bound it. When I called to tell my friend, Christie, that the quilt was coming, she told me that the group was trying to figure out where funds for the special needs prom was coming from and now they could have it. Enough said, this quilt has become an annual event for me.

This year I thought I’d combine my UFO eradication efforts with my charity efforts and use up a handful of Christmas tree blocks made by my old Girl Scout troop. After playing with layouts, I added a group of tree, some stars and a few candles. When I went to sew the second row of the quilt to the first, they didn’t fit. Careful detective work revealed that I had cut the sashing strips 2.25″ in the first row and 2.5″ for all the rest. I was going to take the first row apart but discovered that I had forgotten to adjust my stitch length back to normal and now the sashing was sewn with micro-mini stitches. It was just easier to take apart the second row, trim the pieces and trim all the rest of the sashing to match!

Eventually the quilt was together and I rushed to get the quilting done. Yesterday I called Christie to tell her the quilt would be ready today and she told me that the event was the day before…I had the dates wrong. However, they used a photo of last year’s quilt and raffled the quilt sight-unseen! I was thrilled that the quilt did well but instantly worried about whether or not this year’s quilt “held up” to expectations created by last year’s. I keep telling myself that whoever (or is that whomever?) gets this quilt probably only bought ten or twenty dollars in tickets so I’m sure they will be pleased either way.

So, with Thanksgiving coming this week, I thought I’d take a moment to list some of things I’m so grateful for in my sewing room (of course there are lots of things outside the sewing room I’m grateful for, too!). Here’s my list, what’s on yours?

1. My sewing machines, all 9 of them – even though Trusty is still in the shop
2. New rotary cutter blades
3. Hobb’s Heirloom batting
4. Really sharp scissors
5. Good seam rippers
6. Aurofil thread
7. Fabric, fabric and more fabric
8. My book collection
9. My online and “hard copy” quilting friends
10. My scrap basket…filled to overflowing with potential quilts!

So, at the end of week 6 we have a total of 10 finishes. Here’s a picture of Winnie (who, by the way, turns out to be Winifred and not Winston) perched on the pile of Area 51 Challenge finishes so far. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Winnie on quilts

Here's Winnie on the first 10 finishes for the Area 51 Challenge

4 responses to “Area 51 Challenge Update #6 – Christmas Lights

  1. Victoria Carroll-Parkhill

    Thank you so much for admitting to the little error you’d made on the sashing! I just this morning sewed a border onto my quilt top “bass-ackwards.”
    Geez, I felt so dumb. Seeing that other people make errors too reminded me that we’re all human. Thanks! Vic

    • Not only that one, but I forgot to trim the width-wise sashing so, if you look carefully, the horizontals are all slightly wider than the verticals! lol

  2. Congrats on another finish. I have a couple of quilts to the binding phase, so I’m hoping to have some progress to report this next “Area 51 Challenge!”

  3. Beth, that is every bit as beautiful as last years quilt and our winner will be thrilled! Once again, it made enough for the prom! Thank you again, dear friend. You are wonderful and I love you very much!

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