Area 51 Challenge Update #4

Ack! It’s nearly 9 pm and for some of you on the other coast, my window of opportunity to update on Monday is closing…fast! So, with that in mind, this will be a quick update.
Despite it taking me until 11 pm on Sunday, I did squeak in two finishes this week. Great news, right? Now the downside. I can only actually show you one of them. A certain major gift giving occasion approaches and, while I can’t be certain this person even reads my blog, I can’t take any chances on blowing the surprise. I did feel a certain responsibility to prove that I finished so I settled on this compromise. I’m posting a photo of the back of this quilt (and hopefully several like it in the upcoming weeks.) Then, on the 26th of December, I’ll post all of the pics of the fronts of my “mystery finishes.” Sound reasonable?
So, without further ado, here’s my first finish this week. It’s another one of the simple squares for the “Quilts for Kids” program in my area (not to be confused with the one through Downey which is also a great program.) These quilts are given to kids who have been taken to the CARES intake center while they are processed into safe homes. Kids are allowed to take their choice of quilts to keep. I had at least six tops laid out because I let my kids lay them out for me. It gives me a great opportunity to talk to kids about the importance of giving back.

Another little charity quilt

Another little charity quilt

When I’m making charity quilts, I use them as a place to practice free motion quilting in styles that I want to use in a project. That’s what I did with this one. The quilting is the same as, well, I’ll just refer to this as Mystery Quilt #1 (kind of like Bachelor #1 – remember “The Dating Game?”) MQ1 had me spinning my wheels thinking of quilting designs but I went to my trusty in-house library and pulled “Machine Quilting Solutions” off the shelf. If you’re looking for some great quilting ideas for different level quilters, I strongly recommend this book. She breaks her designs down to being suitable for “draggers”, “heirlooms,” and “showstoppers.” Her instructions are clear as can be and the whole tone of the book is encouraging and positive. So, here’s a picture of MQ1 from the back by my futon so you can estimate the size (it really does lie flat but the area was too small) and a second photo showing the quilting.


The back of MQ1


Close up of quilting on MQ1

That’s all you get to see of MQ1 until December 26th when I’ll reveal the front…in the meantime, here’s one more photo of “the boys” Winnie and Jack. Winnie came to us as a 1 pound, three to four week-old lost kitten. In just about three weeks, he has doubled in weight and is slowly losing his tendancy to run and hide. He’s quite bonded to my husband but I’m pretty sure he thinks of me as “the lunch lady.” I’m hoping he’ll cuddle more as he gets older. In the meantime, he’s just a doll with or without cuddle time.


Winnie and Jack - Check out the way Jack has his paw and tail wrapped around his "brother"

So, for now, the standings are:
Week 4 Total finishes 9

Now, I’m off to watch Heroes with my oldest daughter…and do a little sewing, too!

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