Area 51 Challenge Update #1

OK, so week one is over and, major drumroll here, please, I have not one but three finished UFO’s! Now, I did mention that some of my UFO’s were pretty close to finished right? The first one was this little baby quilt for charity.

First Area 51 Challenge Finish

First Area 51 Challenge Finish

This was a group effort. A friend of my oldest daughter’s laid out and sewed the top, another friend used it as free motion quilting practice and the poor thing was sitting around just waiting for a binding (and the binding was already cut, sewn & pressed!)
So, with the first finish under my belt and quilt guild coming, I decided to finish my name tag. This was an old name tag from a previous guild that I had “re-purposed.” I had added borders, my name by machine and the quilting was done. I added the binding and sewed the back during quilt guild…after eighteen years in the Northwest Quilters Guild I finally got to say “yes” to the nice lady at the door who asks if you have your nametag!
Area 51 Finish #2

Area 51 Finish #2

With all the excitement of two finishes, I couldn’t help but go for three! This poor flannel quilt had been basted then left to languish for nearly a year. Not that a year is that long, actually, as I have some UFO’s that will practically be vintage by the time they’re finished! This quilt is from a pattern I used years ago to make a commission quilt for a friend. The pattern is from The Pine Needle, in Lake Oswego, and is well worth the cost of the pattern for the full-sized scallop pattern. The scallop pattern has become a mainstay of my quilting tools. The simple arrangement of squares and four-patches makes a quick and easy quilt. I first began making these in flannel to use up the scraps from the jammies I make every year for the girls. I’ve discovered that flannel must be related to dust bunnies because every time I look, there is more! Every time I back a quilt in flannel I cut the trimmings up into squares and strips to make another one of these. This one is “Flannel Jammies #6” and finish #3.

Area 51 Challenge Finish #3, Flannel Jammies #6

Area 51 Challenge Finish #3, Flannel Jammies #6

Now, lest you think that I only make things with squares, I want to share one more quilt, not an Area 51 candidate because I finished it a week before the challenge started, but a fun quilt. This is the raffle quilt for my oldest daughter’s band. This year the Honors and Senior Jazz bands are going to New York. So, to help them along, I made this:
2009 Band Raffle Quilt

2009 Band Raffle Quilt

I have to say that I was having somewhat of a “thryoid moment” when I planned this quilt. I was looking at the Dolly Madison Star block and thinking “big block = fewer blocks = quicker.” Somewhere in that equation, I left out the “big block has lots of pieces” element! I had originally planned on a more sedate red border but the dragons just pushed their way in, as dragons are likely to do and I think they look terrific.

Well, that wraps up the first Area 51 update. It’s going to be a little more challenging to get a finish this week as a certain daughter has a big (18th) birthday a week from today…but I’ll do my best. I’d love to hear what you’ve been finishing lately, too!

Week 1 Finishes 3

4 responses to “Area 51 Challenge Update #1

  1. Love the posts. Maybe I’ll get a push on my UFO’s from your Area 51 challenge. I have one ready for the quilt frame and all it needs is ironing. You might inspire me to get going.

  2. Awesome! Love them all!!!

  3. Sue of the twin White Treadle --PeEll

    Hi Beth Wonderful that you have completed 3 UFO’s I will get there one of these days- as soon as I can climb aboard the rainbow and get into the groove of a project without — a DH having a health situation happen on my 1st day free to play in my sewdio. Is taking me out of that element for a week or two to get tests done. Will be in Clackamas Fri-23rd will call to connect with pitman.

  4. Thanks! Sue, I love your “sewdio” what a great word! I have to say that this week is a challenge as I have to clean the house and get ready for my DD’s (darling daughter’s) 18th birthday party! I will be around on the 23rd, though, cleaning madly!

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