Coming Clean

This is my "before" picture

This is my "before" picture

Don’t you hate it when your mom is right? Recently, my mom looked around my third floor sewing room and said, in the kindest possible way, “Honey, you’re overwhelmed. You just need to deal with the stuff that’s out so you can work in here.”

She was right, of course, which is the common annoying habit of moms everywhere. Her words, along with years of reading Flylady’s messages,  sparked a note of hope with me. Maybe, just maybe, I wasn’t just a complete disorganized failure. Maybe I really could create the space I really wanted out of the hurricane ravaged-looking room in front of me.

Stage one involved help from my DH (or dear husband in Flylady shorthand.) My sewing area is in a big, third-floor bonus room complete with four storage areas. Last year, my DH installed some shelving in the storage area I use for Christmas decorations and it made an immediate difference. This time, however, he wanted to add sheet rock into the equation. He spent almost and entire weekend sweating quarts and installing both sheet rock and shelves into my storage space and, whenever I wasn’t listening to my DD (dear daughter) play at Oktoberfest, I sorted. And sorted. And did I mention I sorted? Oh, and then my DD’s helped me and we, you guessed it, sorted some more. Eventually, bags and bags of things found other good homes and I began to fill the new shelves…carefully. No more just shoving whatever wherever.

To keep myself motivated, I took before and after pictures of the space and sometimes I took photos at different intervals. Using Flylady’s timer system (“you can do anything for 15 minutes”), I began to see a difference. Patches of unfamiliar substance were found underneath the clutter on tables and sewing desks….wood grain! A bookcase began to have…gasp!…empty space. The vacuum cleaner got a real workout and the dusters nearly went on strike. The first few friends to see the space were, to put it mildly, amazed. I am amazed. This afternoon, I spent some time quilting in my newly de-cluttered space. Now, it’s still not perfect, there are a few more things to sort and put away, but it is better, “sew” much better, you might say.

Now that I have this lovely space to work in, my mind is spinning with a little quilting challenge idea…but I’m keeping that under wraps until I return from Hawaii….Aloha until after the 7th!

This is the seating area "after" photo

This is the seating area "after" photo

Here's the sewing area "after" photo

Here's the sewing area "after" photo

4 responses to “Coming Clean

  1. Wow. Great job! Maybe there is hope for my disaster area!

  2. Amazing!! I just need to keep at the 15 minutes a day FlayLady way. Thanks for being brave enough to post a before picture!

  3. Beth, thanks for the inspiration. I just moved my small sewing room to a bonus room over the garage which is 18 x 19. I could not move very well in my first room and have made the decision no more fabric until I clean up the projects I have. I also now know that I can put my items on the wall as you do. I wasn’t sure that would work or not but I figure if you can I can.

    Thanks again.

  4. Hi Beth-

    My office has looked like that before, and it is so good to clean and organize is it not! -but I am not as courageous to post a photo online 😉

    cornelia seigneur

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