Let Them Eat Cake!

Today, I am eating cake. Moist, delicious, German Chocolate cake with icing. Yes, you might say, so what? Well, the what is that I’m on a gluten-free diet and today I made one of the new Betty Crocker Gluten-Free cake mixes. Getting one of the mixes was akin to chasing the Holy Grail. According to the Betty Crocker website, no store within 200 miles of me carried them. Luckily, my gluten-free niece found them in Southern California and brought several up when she came to visit.

I had a few concerns about the directions, I was using a glass baking dish and the directions gave two different temperatures for types of metal pans but nothing for glass. I ended up calling the company to ask (use the lower temp for glass, in case you are wondering.) I also missed completely that the cake mix only makes one layer and had to make a last minute transfer from my 9×13 pan to an 8×8. It was worth the calls and the panic, however, when my cake came out of the oven. Tall, light, with a marvelous, tiny crack in the top.

After it cooled, I frosted it and handed round small pieces to taste test. Even our token gluten-eating tester was impressed! (Picture the Hallelujah Chorus playing around the heads of our gluten-intolerant testers.)

It’s not that there aren’t a few good gluten-free cake mixes out there, Laurel’s Sweet Treats makes a cupcake that rivals this one and has some fantastic mixes, but it’s great to be able to find something for $3.99 on the shelf at my local Fred Meyers. (Yes, they have them, at least in Oregon City, no chocolate yet, just yellow and some cookie and brownie mixes.)

So, for today, I raise a toast to the people at Betty Crocker and say, as Marie Antoinette was so erroneously quoted as saying, “Let them eat cake!” That misquote, by the way, was spread far and wide by the slander campaign of her brother-in-law who was trying to plot his own path to the throne. But that’s a story for another day.

3 responses to “Let Them Eat Cake!

  1. interesting. i should try it out sometime. check out my blog & maybe you’ll find something interested to make. keep writing!

  2. Christy Hurlman

    Keep writing, Beth! I enjoyed all your blogs! Descriptive, funny, sad, heart-warming, all around wonderful! Love ya!

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